Re: Let us beware 24 March 2005
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James J Whitehead,
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Re: Re: Let us beware

How far do you really want things to go in the name of "aids" ?

Dear All,

I am sorry that Nicholas Bennett has been censored by some "dissident" sites and apologise for this. Thats because I believe censorship is always wrong.

However I have been censored along with many others on "apologist" sites. Further more members of have been abused, insulted, threatened and slandered by teams of organised "apologists". I will not provide the links here because the post and emails are to offensive for BMJ readers. But racist, anti jewish , homophobic, anti british red neck insults and death threats have all be used against myself and other members and members. This has caused condiderable stress to many members many of whom are living with hiv and the diseases that can sometimes be called aids.

The result of this is that I and others no longer post anything on these sites. One of the teams of renta mobs used the phrase "Have we scared them away" is that really what BMJ readers or the public want ? To scare people away from asking questions or independant thought or freedom of expression ?

Those posters that continue to try and end this debate and use insultive terms like "denialists" are side stepping scientific/medical debate and are behaving like a mob or witch hunt.

We must all "sides" respect each other as individuals and respect each others right to express, question and debate that is how the human race/science/medicine progresses.

Leading scientists, doctors, patients (many of who are afraid to speak even to there doctors and so keep there mouths shut this is the case in the UK as well), journalists have all been univited from meeting, rejected publication, had awards taken away, had funding withdrawn and have been censored for not carrying the "aids" party line.

With particular reference to South Africa may I appeal to the international press to do there job and for once report the civil liberties issues and gross human rights violations being commited by witch hunting gun carrying mobs who do not respect human rights.[1]

Best Wishes

James J Whitehead

Clinical trials volunteer

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