Re: Let them be 23 March 2005
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Theo HM Fenton,
Consultant Paediatrician
Mayday University Hospital, Croydon CR7 7YE

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Re: Re: Let them be

The eBMJ has a prominent disclaimer in its Q&A section:

"All contributions appearing here have come from readers and are not necessarily the views of the BMJ Publishing Group Limited or the British Medical Association. The material is provided for guidance only and should not be substituted for specific, professional advice from a registered medical practitioner. The BMJ Publishing Group Limited and the British Medical Association do not accept any liability whatsoever for: (a) any material published in this section, or (b) any person's reliance upon any material published in this section".

There is no such disclaimer in the Rapid Responses section -- presumably because the views repeated ad nauseam by the HIV-denialists (and the anti-vaccine propagandists) are so outlandish that nobody could possibly take them seriously.

I'll try to lighten up and see the funny side, but currently find the discussion about as enjoyable and useful as watching someone explaining something to a demented relative.

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