Reply to Fenton: Bennett, Floyd, Flegg - you won't change their views. 23 March 2005
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Reply to Fenton: Bennett, Floyd, Flegg - you won't change their views.

Theo HM Fenton, Consultant Paediatrician, stated:

"A plea to Nicholas Bennett, Tony Floyd, and Peter Flegg: don't waste your time with the denialists - you won't change their views."

Yet again we have that tired, quasi-religious nomination, "denialists" used by those theologians who follow the monotheist 'HIV' Belief system. Ironically, Fenton's question is actually directed to Nicholas Bennett, Tony Floyd, and Peter Flegg: "you won't change their views!" Indeed, Bennett, Floyd, and Flegg are today's 'flat-earthers' propagating the majority-establishment belief in 'HIV'.

Mr. Fenton concludes:

"Perhaps these dissenters are desperately trying to convince themselves that everything's okay. Why not leave them be?"

On the contrary: "these dissenters are" not "desperately trying to convince themselves that everything's okay" - nothing could be further from the truth - and the situation is quite the reverse: we are trying to convince the scientific community "that everything is not ok" because 'AIDS' is a multifactorial condition and not caused not by a single pathogen - alleged to be 'HIV'.

Once it became blatantly clear that the predicted 'AIDS' epidemic in the West was not going to materialise, the 'AIDS' establishment decided to take the show on the road and are today playing it for all its worth in Africa and Asia. TB and malaria have been cynically reclassified as 'AIDS' in Africa – so what was 'AIDS' in Africa before it was TB and malaria? Could Bennett, Floyd, Flegg and Fenton please tell us? There can never be a vaccine against 'AIDS' because you cannot have a vaccine against asbestosis in South African townships, - you simply cannot have a vaccine against Third World living conditions: - poverty, malnutrition, lack of sanitation, etc, which are today being reclassified as 'AIDS'.

Whilst in the West, homosexual men have been terrorised into wearing condoms and yet they still get 'AIDS' because they're doing all the recreational drugs. Conversely, heterosexuals in the West clearly are not using condoms – as is proved by the massive rise in STDs and unwanted pregnancies – and yet they do not get 'AIDS'. How do Bennett, Floyd, Flegg and Fenton explain that one – or, rather, get out of that one? In BMJ rapid responses Bennett, Floyd, and Flegg have never been able to explain why there has never been an endemic heterosexual 'HIV' (or 'AIDS') epidemic in the UK. It is obviously not because they are all using condoms. Indeed: it could be well argued that homosexuals use condoms far more than heterosexuals – yet homosexuals still get 'AIDS'.

I suggest to Mr. Fenton: everything’s not ok and that we need a multifactorial model for 'AIDS' causation(s). I advise him to read the following by Dr. Roberto Giraldo:

AIDS is Neither an Infectious Disease nor is Sexually Transmitted, by Roberto Giraldo, MD, Continuum Spring 1998:

The error over the etiology of AIDS was committed in part due to microbiologic prejudice in the mind of researchers, health professionals, journalists, and the public at large. This prejudice comes from the exaggeration of the germ theory of disease promulgated by Pasteur and Koch, which brought many benefits to the medical field at the time. Unfortunately, today they continue to think as at the end of the last century - that all is infectious, that all is contagious, and that it should be a microbe that causes every-thing. The world was prepared by a century of panic over microbes to mistake the etiology of AIDS. It was not possible to avoid it.

Another contribution to the error about the cause of AIDS is the failure in research methodology to fulfil epidemiological requirements. None of the postulates on which the infectious hypothesis of AIDS is based fulfil the requirements of the research method. None of the bases of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis has been demonstrated at an objective level. They are theoretical assumptions, created by the minds of those who generate and defend that hypothesis. Practically the entire world has become accustomed to believe all that we are told by the so-called men of science. Currently, the critical and questioning capabilities of 'the people' are null. They do not ask for the necessary proofs for the affirmations that can look objective. The worst epidemic that the contemporary world suffers is an epidemic of crises in the scientific method. It is more extensive than the AIDS epidemic. There will be more consequences unless we take a pathway paved with an authentic objective research methodology.

The scientific community has been wrong many times in this century, by considering as infectious diseases that are not-pellagra, scurvy and beriberi. The error currently made with AIDS has a larger magnitude due to the catastrophic repercussions on thousands of people that suffer from this toxic syndrome. Guilt for the error made with AIDS falls on a few researchers and health institutions of the United States government. The majority of people in the world simply believed the so-called men of science. Analysis, understanding and solution of the error will force inter-national medical authorities to rethink their tactics and strategies in the health care of people. This will lead to questions, investigations and solutions to the unfair forms by which men socially relate amongst themselves in modern society, which in the end are the reason for the existence of AIDS. Let us go back to Hippocratic medicine. Let us divulge and stimulate the discussion about the cause of AIDS.

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