Re: Re: Re: Analysis: the properness of the HIV hypothesis is a media hype 21 March 2005
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Nicholas Bennett,
Infectious Disease Postdoc/Clinician
Department of Pediatrics, University Hospital, Syracuse NY

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Analysis: the properness of the HIV hypothesis is a media hype

Mark Bartlett's points are correct, but my point was more that the dissenting camp is extremely picky in what they choose to deconstruct - or attempt to at least.

I _am_ skeptical about the science, as all scientists are, but only when such the claims make no sense and have no supporting evidence.

In my experience in dealing with AIDS dissent and denial, it is the latter word that is the most important. It is not so much that various people see the same science from a different, if valid point of view (although that too is true) but that most often thay simply choose to ignore other scientific facts - and in fact HAVE to if their logic stands any chance of consistency. If my post lacked some of the professionalism of previous contributions it is due to the frustration of over six years trying to educate those who chose not to be educated.

For example I recently brought one dissident to task for quoting a CDC report that he claimed proved that condoms could not possibly protect against HIV - his statements had carefully deleted the CDC's reference to condoms being responsible for around 85% reduction in HIV transmission.

It is impossible to teach someone about CD4 downregulation, nef- mediated apoptosis, synctia formation, anergic responses and accelerated T cell death if primarily they refuse to accept that the methods used to isolate HIV were valid.

That is a personal choice. It is not science.

Nick Bennett

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