Re: Re: Analysis: the properness of the HIV hypothesis is a media hype 21 March 2005
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Mark Bartlett,
CD Investigator

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Re: Re: Re: Analysis: the properness of the HIV hypothesis is a media hype

Dr. Bennett wrote:

"The "60 or so reputable experts" can effectively be boiled down to Duesberg, the Perth Group and their followers. Other commentators have chipped in with one or two specific points (Mullis, De Harven, Giraldo) but that's about it. Anyone who studies this sad field for more than a few months will quickly realise that."

Considering the quality of some of your other contributions, I find this statement unfortunate. Science is not governed by a show of hands. Consensus proves nothing. Most of the truly great "eureka" moments were from lone voices who had incredible insight. Often the truth of their contributions remained misunderstood and/or ridiculed for decades by the "experts of the day.

One could just as easily argue that all who supported Gallo and Montagnier were no more than "followers" except that they seemed to have the support of the scientific establishment (CDC) despite how premature that support was in the context of the state of Gallo's research in 1983.

For 50 years we have been fed another line of garbage about the connection between cholesterol and heart disease. Yet, when that association has been decontructed, it gets little press. Much of the "research" that supported that connection has been discredited -- nevertheless the nonsense continues. Recently, the pharmaceutical companies have won their way again and had the "acceptable" level of cholesterol lowered -- I wonder how many millions more people that added to the ranks of the "high risk" and coincidentally candidates for their drugs.

But that is a discussion for another day and another thread. However it does bring me to my point. When there are huge amounts of money to be made from treatments vs cures, I am VERY skeptical of the truth behind the science. And so should you be and everyone else.

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